Contact Management

Real Estate is about dealing with people. Our contact management solution is centered around people management.

Key features

* Each contact has a designated easy-to-see page including title, company, tags and more.
* Log notes about calls, meetings, etc.
* View all notes, sent emails, sent e-mail marketing campaigns and SMSs, and completed tasks under the contact's history.
* Add a task and view all other tasks associated with the contact.
* If contact is a company, see all communications between you and the other staff associated with that company.
* View all other contact information i.e. address, phone numbers, map, etc. Just click on the mobile number to send and track an SMS. Click on the email address to track and send an email. Click on the fax number to send an efax.
* Import From Outlook. Start using AgentBase within minutes.
* Using your e-mail program, send emails to your contacts by clicking on the email links within AgentBase, which we then add a copy of the email, plus any attachments, to your contact's history page for you to view at a later date.

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